Noble Savage is an eclectic, cosmopolitan restaurant independent from stereotypes. Here, we cherish high quality and culinary value of organic ingredients, grown with love on small family owned farms. Therefore, our food is rather simple, yet sophisticated, focused on the natural taste and flavour of vegetables, herbs, grains, dairy and some rare meats. We worship slow and dedicated handcraft. Good food is our belief.

Once somebody said I’m “team universe”. I consider myself a citizen of the world and so i see my cooking as well. I think we are all savages, but we are learning to contemplate the impermanence and enjoy a moment in life.”

Igor will join us for an amazing Seminar about the Real Farm to Table and also will do two special dinners each night called “Savage Fire Dinner” were he cooks in front of you purely with fire at an earth oven. This is separately to book and tickets are online soon.