The Meinklang Festival Visitor Policy prescribes the mandatory rules of admission and conduct applicable to the Meinklang Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”), organized by Terra Munda Kft. (“Meinklang”).

Venue of the event: H- 9339 Kapuvar, Kistölgyfa puszta; Event dates: June 18 – June 20, 2020


1./ Visitors are admitted to the Event at the times and according to the conditions specified on their ticket.

2./ Meinklang might switch tickets purchased in advance for wristbands at the time of entry. Visitors are required to wear their wristbands for the duration of their validity. The organizers of Meninklang Festival may inspect wristbands at the entrance, at the exit and throughout the entire area of the Event. Visitors with invalid wristbands are required to leave the Event venue immediately.

Wristbands are non-transferable. As a general rule, wristbands are to be worn on the wrist for them to be valid; if necessary, however, your wristband may be worn on another limb provided that the wristband cannot be removed without damaging it. Damaged wristbands – those re-sealed or cut, whose fastener has been opened, whose diameter is noticeably larger than that of the wearer’s fist or which have been tampered with in any way, etc. – are invalid. Meinklang will not replace damaged or lost wristbands.

3./ In order to ensure the safety of the Event, Meinklang reserves the right to restrict the types of items and devices which may be brought inside the venue. Accordingly, the following items are strictly prohibited and may not be brought inside the Event: narcotics, pyrotechnic devices, glass objects, umbrellas, objects or tools containing explosive, poisonous or flammable materials, firearms, knives, butterfly knives, switchblades, gas sprays, expandable batons, metal chains over 50 cm in length, throwing stars, slingshots and other items posing a special threat to public safety as defined in relevant laws and regulations (currently: Government Decree No. 175/2003 of 28 October 2003). While camping is permitted at the Event – according to specific conditions – certain general camping accessories may not be brought inside the venue because of the special nature of the Event. Visitors are not allowed bring drones to the Event. Visitors in possession of any prohibited item may not enter the Event venue.

4./ Visitors are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages into the Event. Should the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service declare a heat emergency, Visitors may bring water or mineral water in a reasonable quantity necessary to satisfy their own personal needs to the Event. In all other cases, Visitors are not permitted to bring to the Event any kind of beverages or food products. Visitors may only bring empty bottles (excluding glass material) to the Event.

5./ Children under the age of 8 (eight) may visit the Event free of charge, although they are required to wear a child wristband. The adult accompanying the child is obliged to indicate the child’s name and the his/her own phone number on the wristband. Child wristbands are available during the entry process. Children between the ages of 8-13 (eight-thirteen) must purchase a child festival pass and all children under the age of 14 (fourteen) may only enter the Event if accompanied by an adult in who claims full responsibility for the child, and may remain at the Event only if accompanied by an adult who claims full responsibility for the child.

6./ In addition to service dogs as defined by law, guide dogs and police dogs, only pets generally considered to be tame and posing no hazard to the life, safety and health of Visitors and others may be brought inside the Event venue, free of charge, when on a leash and accompanied by their owner. Visitors are, however, advised not to bring their pets to the Event. Meinklang recommends leaving pets at home or in kennels.

Whether the conditions above are met may be verified at the Event entrance; should any of the conditions not be met, your pet cannot be admitted. By bringing their pet to the Event, Visitors acknowledge their responsibility to provide hygienic and appropriate conditions for the pet at the Event. Visitors bringing their dog to the Event acknowledge their responsibility to keep a leash and a muzzle on their pet at all times while at the Event. Meinklang reserves the right to deny admission to the Event to any animals, as well as the right to ensure the above conditions are adhered to at all times. In the interest of the safety of the Event, animals not meeting the conditions above will be prohibited from remaining at the Event at any time.

7./ No alcoholic beverages may be served to minors under the age of eighteen and to intoxicated individuals by any vendor at the Event. The use of substances qualifying as banned drugs pursuant to the laws in effect is prohibited in the area of the Event and is punishable by law.

8./ In order to ensure the safety of Visitors, the following activities are prohibited at the Event: body surfing, mosh pits, and walls of death. Visitors violating this policy will be removed by organizers to the perimeter of the particular venue; repeat violators will be removed from the Event area.



1./ Visitors are required to abide by general customs and in accordance with relevant legal regulations with the Visitor Policy. Visitors are required to refrain from all actions, statements or behavior which endangers the life, health or physical well-being of others or which may violate others’ personal rights. Visitors to the Event are required to pay special attention to the protection of natural resources and must refrain from harming these natural resources. Meinklang asks Visitors to use the waste collection bins for the disposal of garbage and to respectfully dispose the garbage in the appropriate compartment for each waste type. The Visitor acknowledges that the camping areas that are used by the Visitors with the ticket purchased from Meinklang belong to the territory of the Event hence the provisions of the Meinklang Festival Policy are applicable to the admission and stay at these camping areas.

2./ Visitors acknowledge that Meinklang, its Contracted Partners as authorized by Meinklang, Contributors, and members of the press (in accordance with the stipulations of special agreements concluded with them), as well as other Visitors and other third parties, may produce sound and image recordings of the Event. Accordingly, all Visitors to the Event, by virtue of their participation at the Event, give express permission to the recording and publication of their image, likeness and actions. Visitors, however, may only be named in such recordings with their express permission. Visitors considered public figures may be named without their permission. Those making recordings according to the above rules shall gain transferable and exclusive usage rights that are unrestricted in time, geographical location and form of usage. Meinklang, as well as individuals authorized by Meinklang, are entitled to utilize, use (especially for the promotion of the Event), duplicate, publish, transpose, make public, transmit to the public and distribute such recordings of the Visitor – including the case if Meinklang utilizes or uses recordings made by other Visitor(s) of the Visitor – without providing any compensation to the Visitor. Visitors expressly acknowledge that Meinklang may record the Event, concerts and programs, may copy the recordings and distribute them on image- bearing media, may broadcast them or otherwise make them public and may do so repeatedly, including making the Event, concerts and programs available to the public by wired or by any other means (for example, through YouTube), such that members of the public can individually select the place and time of access. Visitors are not entitled to make any claim or demand against Meinklang concerning recordings as set out above. Visitors are entitled to make sound and image recordings at the Event, but may only make sound and image recordings with a sound and image recorder integrated into a telecommunication device used for personal aims (for example a mobile phone or a tablet) or otherwise with a non-professional equipment, moreover, Visitors may not sell, use for consideration or use for commercial purposes without consideration image and voice recordings that they have made, name Visitors featuring in such recordings without their consent or violate the personal rights of such Visitors. Meinklang is expressly not liable in the event of other Visitors violating the above rules.

3./ No business, commercial or advertising activity may be conducted at the Event – including the area in front of the gates of the Event – without advance written authorization from Meinklang.

4./ Given that the aim of the Event is to provide Visitors with civilized and undisturbed entertainment, demonstrations of any kind not related to events organized by Meinklang, regardless of the number of participants, are forbidden.

5./ In the Event area, Meinklang’s suitably qualified and authorized employees or associates will ensure enforcement of the rules of conduct and safety. Visitors expressly undertake, by virtue of their participation in the given Event, that they will fully cooperate with these associates within the bounds of the law and will follow their instructions in the event of an emergency. Visitors wishing to file a complaint against the actions of these associates may do so at the Meinklang public service office, if possible by providing the identification number of the Contributor concerned.

6./ Visitors acknowledge that without advance written authorization from Meinklang no video or photo recordings may be made by using drones, either at the Event or from above the Event venue. Visitors having such authorization must comply with the applicable law and may not put the safety of the participants or that of the Event in danger. Visitors are also obliged to obtain Meinklang’s permission on a time-to-time basis before each recording.





1./ Meinklang may be held responsible exclusively for intentional breaches of contract caused by Meinklang or for breaches of contract resulting in loss of life, physical well-being or health, and expressly excludes any liability beyond the statutory rights of the Visitor with regard to any other damage event. The price of the ticket has been determined with consideration to the exclusions of liability set out above.

4./ Meinklang is not required to cancel the Event if there is bad weather. Should authorities require Meinklang to suspend or close the Event due to a force majeure, the Event or a component thereof will be cancelled and Meinklang is not liable for this forced cancellation and therefor excludes any refund of tickets.

5./ Meinklang reserves the right to change the Event line-up.

6./ Visitors attending the Event with no wristband or with a wristband not entitling them to attend the Event at the particular time acknowledge and accept that, in addition to being held responsible for the violation, they must also pay the price of the wristband (or the appropriate differential). If not, by extraordinary termination initiated by Meinklang, Visitors lose their right to attend the Event.